Using the pay-in store feature is a practical way to pay in-store when your wallet is not handy! Track all of your Dollarama purchases from the app and automatically reload your account balance to stay on top of your purchases at all times!

To pay in-store using the "Pay In-Store" feature:
1. Launch the app
2. Tap "Sign In" from the menu
3. Sign into your account
4. Tap "Pay In-Store"
5. Tap "Pay at Checkout"
6. Have the cashier scan the displayed barcode on your mobile device

Your Dollarama Card and your Dollarama e-gift cards can be used in all Dollarama stores across Canada. 

E- gift cards can be added to your Dollarama account by following the link included in the e-mail you received upon first receiving the gift card. 

The purchase history of each card can be viewed by drilling into the activity feed for that specific card. To do so:
1. Launch the Dollarama application
2. Log into your account
3. Tap "Manage Card"
4. Tap "Card activity"