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An account is required in order to add articles to your Favourites list. Once you have found an article you like, click on the green heart symbol available next to the article title. The item will be added to your Wish list. Once created, your "List of Favourites" can be easily shared by clicking on the green heart at the top of your page (Favourites) and copying the link automatically generated ("Copy Link" button).

You will immediately receive an email confirmation with your order details. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a second email with the  tracking reference number in order to check the delivery status of your order.

If the "Checkout" button is activated but you are not able to complete your order, please contact us by filling in the Contact us form.

Once an article is displayed as being "Temporarily out of stock" , it is not possible to purchase or reserve the item until new stock is available.

You can place an order as a Registered Customer or as a Guest. Placing an order requires a few steps, detailed below:

  • Log in to your account or continue shopping as a Guest.
  • Look for the articles you need by using the search field available at the top of the page or shopping by Department/ Activity.
  • Add the articles to your cart by clicking on the "Add case to cart" button. You can increase/decrease the quantities in your cart for a specific article by clicking on "-" and "+" buttons.
  • You can continue shopping if you want to add more items to your basket.
  • Once you click on checkout you will be re-directed to the next step where you will need to fill in your shipping address, shipping method, billing address (if different from the shipping address) and Payment information or choose a Pickup centre. You can still review your order, edit or remove the products from your basket, add a new delivery address or edit the existing one.
  • Click on "Order now" in order to finalize placing your order. Your order number will be displayed and you will receive an e-mail with complete order details.

To locate the item you need, you can enter anyone of the below details in the search field available at the top of the page :  

  • Article code (e.g.: XY-1234567)
  • UPC number (All digits, no space)
  • Brand
  • Item description or key words of the description
You can also browse for the item you need in the Shop by Department & Shop by Activity sections.

We suggest to visit our nearest store if you wish to combine different colours or assortments for one specific article. Please note that our online products are sold in cases and the pictures or colours may vary from those mentioned in the article description.

Products sold online are only available in cases, therefore we suggest to visit our nearest store in order to purchase smaller quantities or to combine different colours or assortments for one specific article.