Historical Milestones

Dollarama is proud of its company history. Today we are the country’s largest dollar store chain.
Below are a few key milestones in our company’s growth.

Salim Rossy


Salim Rossy opens his first S. Rossy Inc. store on Craig Street in Montreal, Quebec.

1920s and 30s

Salim’s 10 children become involved in the business and its operations gradually expand.


Salim’s son, George Rossy, succeeds his father as president and transitions the
model to a variety store similar in nature to the Woolworth chain. He leads the
Company until his death in 1973.

George Rossy

George Rossy


George’s son, Larry Rossy, assumes leadership of the Company. The chain has 20 stores. Between 1973 and 1992, Larry Rossy grows the S. Rossy Inc. network to 44 stores.


The first Dollarama store opens in April, 1992 in Matane, Quebec with all items offered
for $1. The company grows the store base by converting existing Rossy stores to the
Dollarama concept and opening new locations. The company opens its first store
outside Quebec – in Grand Falls, New Brunswick.


Dollarama opens its first store in Ontario.


Dollarama acquires 60 locations from a retail chain bankruptcy, dramatically expanding
the company’s presence in Ontario. Dollarama opens a new 356,675 square foot ware-
house facility in Montreal.


Dollarama expands into Western Canada – opening a store in Manitoba. The Company
also opens a new 269,950 square foot warehouse facility in Montreal.


Dollarama expands to 335 stores across six provinces. Private equity group Bain Capital L.P. purchases a majority stake in Dollarama.


Dollarama continues its expansion into Western Canada, opening its first stores in Alberta
and Saskatchewan.


With store openings in British Columbia and Newfoundland, Dollarama completes its
expansion to all ten provinces. Total store count rises to 463. A new 292,623 square
foot distribution centre is opened in Montreal.


Dollarama opens its new head office and a 325,000 square foot warehouse in Montreal.
Dollarama opens its 500th store in Ottawa, Ontario.


Dollarama successfully introduces three new price points: $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00.
The addition of the new price points allows the company to expand the range and the
quality of its product assortment in order to better respond to customers’ expectations
and needs.

Dollarama completes its initial public offering and becomes a public company on
October 16. Its shares start trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker


Price pointsDollarama celebrates the opening of its 700th store in Canada. Dollarama continues to expand its product offering with the addition of two new price points. The introduction of the $2.50 and $3.00 price points further demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing its customers with greater product selection and value while enhancing the overall shopping experience.


In February 2013, Dollarama enters into an agreement to share its business and
operational expertise and provide sourcing services to Dollar City, a dollar store chain
based in El Salvador and looking to expand its activities in other countries of Central
America as well as in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.


Dollarama celebrates the opening of its 1000th store in Canada.


Neil Rossy is appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Dollarama, effective
May 1, 2016. Company founder Larry Rossy continues to play an active role in key
areas of Dollarama’s business as Executive Chairman.

Dollarama invests in a new 500,000 square-foot warehouse located in Montreal, in
close proximity to Dollarama’s existing, centralized warehousing and distribution
operations. The new facility increases the total warehousing capacity by
approximately 40% on a square footage basis, thereby accommodating capacity
requirements as Dollarama continues to expand its store network.

As a natural evolution of Dollarama’s growth strategy, new price points of $3.50 and
$4.00 are introduced in the key categories that have made Dollarama a unique value